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케이프‏ applies BAUHAUS to pop music.

being big fans of the legendary BAUHAUS school, the music of 케이프‏ follows two simple rules:

rule #1: FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION. every note has its justification. there is no superfluous decoration. a bass, a rhythm, a melody. take a component away, the building collapses. 케이프 songs are fashioned to function as a house designed by mies van der rohe. each musical part, including the lyrics, is a module that repeats itself unidentically. beats, tones, and melodies are combined and varied: verse verse verse chorus verse chorus chorus verse verse chorus chorus chorus - an endless game of modular permutations.

rule #2: LEARN FROM THE OLD MASTERS. 케이프‏ studies different styles of pop music from 90’s korean soap opera soundtracks to western 80’s pop. they translate pop music they like into their own aesthetical context by extracting what they hear as the essential ideas and visions of their sources. thanks to the open archives of the internet, they have access to all the pop music ever produced. their influences range from italo disco, eurodance and k-pop to lo-fi and ambient. their most important teachers are michael jackson, claire boucher, jan hammer, bernard sumner, owen ashworth and john maus.


released February 20, 2012

recorded by remi letournelle



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케이프 Berlin, Germany

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